Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System

Life Sciences

Using Learning Journals in Anatomy and Physiology 2

I teach Anatomy and Physiology, a content heavy course that requires problem solving and critical thinking. Studying the material after each class and coming to class prepared is crucial to the students’ success.  My solution to this problem was to implement the use of learning journals. Learning journals have been used for a number of years by the physics faculty at our school and more recently the chemistry faculty have adopted them as well.  Last year, I used them for the first time with great success.


Civic Engagement and Responsibility Curriculum Infusion Project

Entry-level biology courses, such as Bio100, serve as the first and often the only opportunity to introduce students to scientific inquiry and the use of scientific evidence in addressing personal, civic, and societal challenges.  Thus, it is essential that Bio100 provides students with a strong foundation of biological knowledge together with the integrative problem-solving skills and global perspective necessary to address relevant real world challenges.  To increase civic and social engagment, I have implemented a new curriculum that will facilitate investigation of societal challenges r