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Logs - Am I just a bump? Helping 151 students better understand logarithms

Every semester, logs seem to be the most difficult topic for our students. I have tried to tie in the ideas to real world, show students why and how we use logs, but still no success in them fully understanding the material. The students do numerous homework problems, workbook pages and examples in class. This semester I decided to try something different. The students had a workbook page they did for homework, I checked it after they had time to work. Two class periods later I gave them a worksheet to do in class in their groups. They were to try doing as much of it without using notes.

Trig Identities - How do I identify

During the past few years of teaching trig, I have always had students struggle significantly with the trig identity chapter. Every semester I try to tweak the way I teach the material and the practice the students receive but I still have students that just don't grasp the material. Fall 2013 I decided to try extending my lecture days by one class and moving the exam. In doing this I was hoping that more time would lead to better success. It still did not make a significant difference.  Thus, this semester I decided to make even bigger changes.

Bringing Science into Beginning Algebra

Science faculty are constantly hearing from their students, "This isn't math! I didn't learn this in my math class". Many students are not able to transfer what they learned in math into their science courses.  Most of the concepts in MAT091 are crucial to success in science.  Throughout the semester, I met with 6 science faculty to discuss HOW students see these topics in science classes.

Intersection of introductory physics with society

The general public has numerous misconceptions about science. My PHY101 students explored this intersection of science with society by researching a topic, performing a survey, and creating an educational website. The students chose a topic from a list to research. After researching the student came up with a question to test the misconception and three follow up questions to challenge it. The students presented their results in a non-traditional format, an informative website. This educational website was evaluated based on the attached assessment sheet.

Improve Exam Results by- Review -Mock Exam - Review

I had being noticing for years that a majority of students in every semester does not score in there exams as expected and hence I planned to keep aside the last 3 days at the end of the last semester as follows.

Dec/02/2013 - Exam Review, Dec/04/2013 - MOCK EXAM*, Dec/06/2013 - Review again with regard to the  Mock Exam Results and compared it with The Final Exam on Dec/11/2013 and Dec/09/2013 respectively.

the following were the results.

Khan Academy and Improving Placement Scores

Since August 2009, I have had students come and see me (as division chair) to ask about retaking the placement exam to get into a higher course.  During these last 5 years, I have always had the students go to the math videos created by math faculty on the EMCC placement website.  I also told these students to go to and use this free online resource to assist them.  In every case, students placed higher on the placement exam (unfortunately, I did not keep a tally for the number of students this impacted).

Using Twitter to Enhance Learning in Engineering

I assign a Career Exploration Project (attached) for my engineering students to learn about engineering disciplines, careers, and professional societies. They do research, write a report, and present their findings to the class.  They capture the basics of the field and information about the professional societies, but I feel there is room for improvement, especially with professional societies and their benefits.

Benefits of Tutoring in Mathematics

In past semesters students were awarded 5 extra credit points for 5 hours of tutoring on their exams.  However I started to question if students were going to tutoring just to get the extra credit points or if they really needed the help.  In Spring of 2013 I changed the tutoring requirements for all my courses.  Students would now be required to complete 10 hours of tutoring throughout the semester and this would count towards 5% of their grade.  I wanted students to attend tutoring because they saw a benefit and need, not just to get points.  Students were given a tutoring log in which th

Improving Successful Completion Rates in Intermediate Algebra (MAT121)

I have tried multiple methods to improve student completion rates in MAT121.  One was to teach MAT121 integrated with AAA115.  While students learned about college success skills related to math, successful completion rates were not significantly higher with AAA115 than without. In one semester, the successful completion rate of my MAT121 with AAA115 was lower than my other MAT121 sections.