Adjunct Faculty Mentoring Program - Transferring Best Practices to the Classroom

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Based on research in student success, the Adjunct Faculty (AF) Professional Learning Community (PLC) recommended a program in 2010 “to engage/retain the college’s best adjunct faculty, explore and deepen Learning College best practices within the classroom”. Portions of their recommendations were implemented through AF training workshops.  In 2011, the PLC found that there were no assessments to measure how the learned best practices transferred to the classroom To meet this need, in Fall 2013, the PLC created the innovative Adjunct Faculty Mentoring Program (AFMP). The AFMP is designed to transfer best practices to the classroom (partially learned in the workshops) and promote faculty engagement.  Active learning and assessment are important components of the program. The Spring 2013 AFMP pilot was assessed via participant feedback surveys and an end of pilot meeting. All participants (residential and adjunct faculty) agreed the program transferred best practices to the classroom and improved faculty engagement.  Att: Feb. ‘14 Leadership Council Presentation and Program Description.

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Erik Huntsinger Tue, 04/15/2014 - 2:06pm

Jill, it's great to see how the culture of assessment at EMCC is bringing more data to how effective our training programs our.  Perhaps another way of assessing the effectiveness of the program is to how fellow adjunct faculty member observe other adjunct faculty and identify strengths and opportunties for improvement.  Do you see that as promising?

Ernestine Clark Sat, 09/12/2015 - 11:15am

I agree with Erik. The idea of observing other adjunct faculty is a great idea for improvement. I hope this can happen.