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In-class Metacognitive/Reflective Grade Check Activities

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 to Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My courses require online grade checks in week 3, 6, 9 and 12; however, low scoring students were not taking significant action to change their study habits. So I implemented in-class metacognitive/reflective activities the day after the grade checks where due (see attached document).

Final grade comparison:

JRN 201, Spring 2014, 8 completing students:

4 As, 1 B, 3 Cs, 0 failing students

Compared to

JRN 201, Fall 2013, 7 completing students:

1 A, 2 Bs, 2 Cs, 1 D, 1 F

Additional data indicating positive outcomes:

all 8 students used the CANVAS calendar to review their homework

5 students increased their weekly chunking of homework

4 students set up phone alerts that they felt contributed to their success

5 students set up alerts within CANVAS

1 student increased her use of a paper calendar into which she transcribed due dates from CANVAS

Due to these results, I plan on continuing these in-class metacognitive/reflective activities in future semesters.

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September, 2014


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In response to this assessment,  I love the concept of the reflective grade check.  This holds the student accountable for their learning success and improvement.  

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I love this.  I saw a big improvement when I implemented grade checks but I love that you saw that there was still room for improvement and you took the next step.  I think I will use this in my classes.  

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I also incorporate periodic grade checks for my students. I want to know that they know how they are doing. But the addition of metacognitive reflection is a super idea (and there is also some significant research to back it up)! And, yes, you definitely closed the loop and informed your instruction!

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One of the strengths of this best practice is that it can be implemented in any class, in any discipline, in any modality.  The other strength is that it takes the students from the knowledge level of critical thinking ("I know what my grades are") to the analysis and evaluation levels ("How did I do this?" and "How can I do better?")   I am inspired to begin this process in my online Communication classes to increase completion rates.

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I believe most all courses would benefit from this strategy. Great idea!  I would suggest continuing the study through the fall 2014 semester. The reason is that fall and spring students sometimes perform differently. Additional semesters would also address the challenges of a small sample size. Keep up the great work!

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Engaging students in a metacognitive experience is crucial.  Super way to assess students.