Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System

Formative assessment & adaptive teaching with Kahoot!

Thursday, January 29, 2015 to Friday, February 13, 2015

Intervention background:

In my TTH hybrid class, students complete assignments every MWF. Some assignments include grammar video tutorials and questions based on the videos.  

In-class group work and HW scores told me students had mastered the use of double object pronouns.  However, students performed poorly (79.8% average) on the timed chapter exam (50 seconds per question).

Although before class I review the group’s scores, this does not tell me if students can recall, identify, and use the grammatical structures correctly while under pressure, or in under 40 seconds. (In a real-life situation, you can’t pause for over 40 seconds every time you need to find the right word/ grammatical structure.)

To address this, I started using Kahoot! and using the reports to adapt the lesson plan as needed.

Kahoot! is a game-based classroom response system.

After this intervention and the corresponding modifications to my lesson plans, the group’s average score went from 79.8% to 84.5%.

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February, 2015


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I love this idea, Cecilia! I would like to see more longitudinal data to justify validity, but there is a growing body of research to justify gaming in the classroom as a viable teaching structure to enhance student learning. The bottom line, you are continually searching for a better way to teach your students!

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Good idea!  By simply using a high-interest method of teaching will really help increase scores.  

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Sounds like a great, quick assessment that engages students and improves learning!

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Gamification of the lesson how cool is that.  Super idea!!!!!!!

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Gaming was included in a Developmental workshop I attended last summer.  The instructor had very positive feedback to support her experience too and the students had fun :-)

I look forward to learning more about incorporating gaming in the classroom...thank you for paving the way and sharing!

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Good job! It appears that when use a approach such as gaming that the pressure goes away and people feel more free to participate because the activity is fun without them knowing that they are learning. I am going to look for ways that maybe I can incorporate this idea into some of my classes. 

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Thank you for sharing this resource!  I have already looked Kahoot! up and will integrate it into my classes.