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Help or Hinder: Time Management Reflection & Accountability

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Gary Kilduff
Friday, September 11, 2015 to Monday, September 28, 2015

For the Career Research Paper, students had to submit their rough drafts to the Writing Center.  Some students waited to submit to the Writing Center. As a result, 30% of students did not submit edited rough drafts with Writing Center documentation.  

We discussed the difference between “help” and “hinder” in time management.  In a written reflection, students answered:  How did time management help or hinder their rough draft submission to the Writing Center?  Students with a hinder response, took responsibility for waiting until the last minute. Students with a help response, reflected on the steps they took to submit their rough drafts on-time.  

In conclusion, 95% of students submitted final drafts.  Now, I will implement a due date for rough drafts to be submitted to the Writing Center.  

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CPD 150
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Well done Catherine. One suggestion though; after saying that 95% completed their final drafts, put in "as compared to __% before this procedure was implemented." That shows the comparison of final data to baseline data which validates the improvement. Love the process throughout this!

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Hi Catherine,

I too use the writing center and there are always students who wait until the last minute. I always warn them that it can take time to get their paper back, but it still happens.  I like that you got some results but you are going to go even further and add a due date for writing center submissions.  I encourage you to work with Kelly Loucy, our English faculty member in charge of the writing center, to see how the writing center can help with this process.  She will be able to give you some good tips for your students.  

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HI Catherine, This is a great activity to get students to reflect and encourage them to use the Writing Center. How were your results different from the past results? In other words, what was the percentage improvement? Thanks Olga

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Hi Olga,

This week my students had to submit to the writing center.  I am also excited to see the results.  I am hopeful there will be an improvement compared to last semester's results.  Thank you for your encouragement!


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That is a fantastic idea. I always recommend our writing center, however I haven't tracked how many students have participated. It is such a great tool-I will most definitely use this!