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Improving Student Self-Determination Skills in the DRS Eligibility Process

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Pamela Grady
Friday, May 1, 2020 to Saturday, April 30, 2022
What is the Need/Assessment?: 

To improve the self-determination skills of students who apply with the DRS office by preparing them to fully participate with confidence in the interactive eligibility (intake) meeting.

Describe the necessity for this change: 

Students are unprepared for the DRS eligibility meeting, partially due to lack of opportunity to learn/practice the self determination skills that are needed to fully engage in the process.

Describe what will be (or was) implemented to affect change: 

DRS will implement a training for DRS applicants which will help improve their self-determination skills to participate fully and with confidence in the eligibility meeting. Please see the attached document which provides more context for the needed change including what is currently being done in the application process to encourage self-determination, guidance from AHEAD, how this change supports the EMCC learning college philosophy, and the plan for training development.

Interpret, compare and describe the results of the change: 

To measure the effect of the new training, a student self assessment of preparedness will be administered to students after they apply for services and before they meet for eligibility.  To collect objective baseline data, the self-assessment will be administered for one year before any training is implemented.  Then the same self-assessment instrument will be used for one year while training is implemented. 

After analyzing the information, what are the next steps?: 

Data collection has not yet begun. 


Student applicants to the DRS office are not prepared for their eligibility meeting. Students do not actively participate and struggle to provide thoughtful/applicable answers to questions.  Some also express a sense of nervousness as if they are on a job interview, which complicates their ability to fully participate in the process.

In order to fully participate in an eligibility process, students need to use self-determination skills. Students with disabilities need additional training and support in self-determination to participate effectively and with confidence in the disability services eligibility process. 

The DRS office will implement a training to improve the self-determination skills of student applicants. To measure the effect of the change, students will complete a self-assessment of their preparedness for the eligibility meeting after they complete the training. 

This training implementation embraces: a) the recommendation of AHEAD to deliver a DRS program that encourages student development of independence and self-determination, and b) the learning college philosophy of Estrella Mountain Community College.

Completed Full Cycle: 
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