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Phase 2 - Following Students in Calc/Physics Learning Community

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Dwain Desbien
Monday, August 25, 2014 to Friday, October 9, 2015

In summer 2014, the calculus III workbook was updated to incorporate more physics with the calculus curriculum.  In fall 2014, students are using this new workbook.  Of the 31 students in the class, 7 of them took the calculus/physics learning community in fall 2013.  All but 2 of the remaining 24 students have had (or are currently in) PHY121/PHY131. 

The second exam covers Vector Valued Functions, which is a physics concept - an application problem was given and students had the option to use the "calculus method" or "physics method".  Both methods were shown in class and students practiced both ways.  

To see detailed results, please see attachment.  Overall - The learning community students outperformed the "traditional" students.  All 7 of the learning community students had the problem mostly correct.  Of the 24 traditional students, 15/24 had the problem mostly correct.  The learning community average exam score was 82% while the traditional students had an average of a 75%.

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Another great example of how learning communities work.  I love that you have provided us with several examples to back up the research.  I look forward to seeing future results.  

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Becky, this is good news. I know you have been working diligently (you and Dwain) and it is nice to see the payoff. 

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As mentioned by Heather, more solid data to back the efficacy of LCs! Your focus on student learning is admirable. Keep up the great work!