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Saving Time and Increasing Production Using the Online Discussion Forum

Monday, January 20, 2014 to Thursday, May 8, 2014

In my hybrid course, more time  is needed to ensure that students have time to practive oral presentations, to receive peer feedback, and to get peer reviews on written asssignments.  Initially, I would explain the assignment in-class and students would submit it online.  If we had time, we would share briefly (2-3 minutes per student).  The results were rushed work with only average results. 

I changed the requirements for every assignment and every in-class presentation by requiring students to post it to the Discussion Forum 4-7 days prior to the official due date and to provide peer feedback to 3 or more peers.   Oral presentations are done online via the media  tab, and not only do they get feedback from me, but they also receive peer feedback.  I have found that this has tremendously improved the quality of work and has created a much a greater sense of community among the students.   

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Excellent job Rachel! You saw a problem, came up with a strategy to address it, implemented it, and saw significant improvement. It was a great example of the action research cycle. One thing - as I develop my new online course, I want to implement your ideas since my students do presentations also. Imitation is the sheerest form of flattery!

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Hi Rachel,

I do presentaitons with my hybrid class as well and time is always a limitation.  One question--how do you ensure that the students not only provide feedback, but more importantly provide feedback that is useful to the student?  Is there a rubric and/or instruction that you do to help students provide appropriate and useful feedback? 

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Rachel, I think this is a great way of maximizing the unique qualities of in-class vs. online interaction.  Certainly the results panned out.