Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System

Student-Created Assessments

Monday, August 25, 2014 to Friday, September 12, 2014

Students should be working, thinking, analyzing, creating, etc. throughout the day and guiding a large part of their own learning. Having students create their own assessments ensures that they are held accountable to actively listen during class and that they are thinking at a higher level about what they've learned. In my EDU220, students (in small groups) were asked to create a research-based electronic presentation on a particular piece of legislation and to include an assessment to ensure that their peers could demonstrate mastery of the material by the end of their presentation. Qualitative results: 100% of the students were engaged in either presenting, in taking notes, and by participating in the student-created assessments. I have always included student presentations and note-taking, but this semester I modified the cycle by having the students create their own assessment and reteach if needed based on the peer scores.  Student assessments were oustanding and included a variety of technology that I have previously never used! Quantitative results: Difficult to measure since this is only one part of the unit.

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This is comprehensive and appeals to many modalities and learning styles.  Once again Rachel, you have raised the bar.  

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Rachel, there are metacognitive aspects of this CATS that I find consistent with good teaching. Having students create their own assessments is one (and the inherent discussion of formative, summative, etc.), and I also liked that students created their own note sheets. And, your student engagement increased drastically from spring 2014 to fall 2014 once you implemented these strategies; that's what makes this such a good CATS! 

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We are always harder on ourselves.  I like that students created this self assessment.  

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Great CATS!  I use self-assessment with my students as well.  It not only requires critical thinking on the part of the students, but it is also a help to me as the instructor.  I learn so much from reviewing and observing my students' self-assessments.  Students learn more when they are fully invested in the work.  Great job.