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Technique Presentations in PED 101KB

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In PED101KB (Cardio Kickboxing), students take the course for enjoyment.  For students who choose the grade option as opposed to the PZ option, a technique presentation is required at the end of the semester.  Various kicking, punching and blocking techniques as well as various combinations are incorporated in the class curriculum.
The attached file is a list of techniques that students present at the end of the semester.
Through observation, students are asked these techniques at the beginning of the semester and have no knowledge of the techniques.  By the end of the semester, students will commonly score between 38-42 points on the technique presentation.

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Natalie, the attachment did not work.  I am curious about the techniques and wondering if they vary in difficulty.  Do you do any interim assessment before the final?  Ro

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Also could not open the attachment. One of things I like about the assignment is that it is a prime example of authentic assessment!  Also, you use some assessment principles such as pre-post comparison and student presentation. When you gather your data at the end of the presentations, do they inform you so that you can modify the assignment the following semester? 

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To echo Pete's comments, I would be interested in an analysis of where the students are strong and where they are weak, and then a plan for how to improve the weaker areas to improve student learning!  Pete is right, this is a great example of authentic assessment.