Common/Standardized ACC111 Exam

Submitted by Sylvia Ong on

The main accounting curriculum involves a sequence of ACC111, ACC230, & ACC240, which is part of the ABUS AAS, Accounting AAS, and Accounting CCL.  I'd like to see the ACC111 faculty develop a common/standardized exam to make sure the students have the basic foundation (accounting cycle) before moving on to the last two accounting courses.  Since we're moving to a new textbook, we'll have to wait until it is adopted next fall.

We've adopted the new book,so now I have to get together with Fred & Clarissa to develop the questions.  The last time we spoke, they were both on board.

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Anil Kapoor Wed, 01/14/2015 - 2:09pm

Great Idea Sylvia, I have done this in the past for final exams (25 questions we all must use) and its been such a comfort to see that our adjuncts have simular scores to the full timers.

Heather Muns Sat, 02/14/2015 - 12:05am

Good start to your CATS.  I look forward to seeing how this develops.  

Peter Turner Mon, 02/16/2015 - 4:42pm

Sounds like a good idea. Is everybody on board with this?

Olga Tsoudis Thu, 08/27/2015 - 11:42am

HI Sylvia,That is a great idea! Keep us posted on the development and the results. Olga