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Nursing & Allied Health

How increased utilization of student paced Adaptive Learning improved course outcomes

One of the biggest challenges for nursing students is to acclimate to the world of the nursing school exam.  Gone are the days of one right answer, the nursing student must learn how to prioritize several correct answers to determine which is the "most" correct. During the Spring 2017, utilization of the Adaptive Quizzing/Learning Resources was highly encouraged but not attached to course points.  In Fall of 2017, the Adaptive Learning activities were attached to 39 of the 600 total course points, leading to a 206% increase in student utilization.

Creating teamwork and collaboration through the use of Popsicle sticks

While working in classroom, I found that students gravitated towards friends to create their team or learning community.  This behavior created "clicky" groups in the classroom and I noticed silos of learning taking place.  What I decided to implement in my classroom was randomizing the groups with Popsicle sticks.  Each time we had a learning activity I used these sticks (that had a student name per stick) to randomly place the students into groups.

Faculty reflection - mentoring new nursing faculty

Need to find a simple survey to evaluate the motivation to stay or satisfaction survey - intervention - systematic mentoring 

Motivation-having new instructors to the class room setting

improve decreasing the anxiety of the new instructors

Remedy- open journal for all instructors can see and comment on


Pleased- YES

"Flipping" out in Nursing!

Nursing is challenged by requiring an extremely intense curriculum to be delivered to students in a very short amount of time. A solution the nursing department adopted in Fall 2012 to alleviate this problem is "Flipping" the classroom! "Flipping" is a new innovative teaching style that parallels with EMCC Learning College Guiding Principles. The students are given lectures and power point slides in the form of a video to be viewed before class and in-class time is devoted to exercises, case studies and discussions.