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ENG101 Common Assignment Assessment -- 2012/2013

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Anastasia Amabisca
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Kathleen Iudicello
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Kelly Loucy
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Susan Malmo
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Analicia Buentello
Monday, August 20, 2012 to Monday, January 7, 2013

In order to compare the performance of those students who had placed directly into ENG101 (placers) with students who had completed ENG091 in order to get into ENG101 (completers), we completed an ENG101 common assignment and assessed an equal number of each group.  We used most of the EMCC Writing Rubric (Focus, Support, Organization, Language Use, and Mechanics--scale of 1 - 4.)  All nine residential ENG faculty took part in the assessment on January 7, 2013 -- we particiapted in norming and then scored papers.  Four faculty read each paper, and the four scores were averaged.  We found that the placers out-performed the completers in every category, with tthe smallest difference being in the Mechanics category; all other categories were quite similar.

Ave. of All Papers/Ave. of Placers/Ave. of Completers

Focus: 2.58/2.77/2.39 (.38)

Support: 2.26/2.47/2.06 (.41)

Organization: 2.45/2.67/2.23 (.44)

Lang. Use: 2.46/2.64/2.27 (.38)

Mechanics: 2.48/2.62/2.35  (.27)

We plan to use this information to inform our efforts to improve ENG081/091.

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ENG 101
ENG 091
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February, 2013


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Results and participation are impressive!

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This is a great example of including multiple faculty to complete a meaningful project.  I will be interested to see what reactions the division takes as a result of these findings.

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We have our "Closing the Loop Plans" attached now.

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I like your closing the loop plans to both re-assess another group of ENG101 students as well as a pre and post common assignment in ENG091 and 101 to see where “placers” are improving or failing to improve.  I think it's important to do both, since the first will give you more data points and the second may give you some idea of what changes you can make to curriculum or instruction.

I'm wondering if we could extend your strategy to MAT091 and MAT121.

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That was what we were hoping when Annie and I developed the plan for our MSI project: that it could be used by other areas.  Let me know if you want any help or need to know anything!