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The Sociological Imagination: SOC 101 Common Assignment

Saturday, December 1, 2012 to Friday, December 14, 2012

Since Spring 2010, a common assignment has been incorporated into Sociology 101 (Introduction to Sociology). A group of faculty worked on the assignment and rubric with the SAAC co-chairs during Fall 2009. The assignment has been implemented at the end of each semester in the SOC 101 courses (learning outcomes, assignment, and rubric attached below). I have attached some of the comments and results from the instructors from each of the semesters (when information was provided). Here is one comment from a faculty member as an example of feedback on the assignment: "My student's in SOC 101 class really enjoyed the Common Assignment because they were able to conduct research and provide educational examples to the assignment. They enjoyed the part of the assignment where they provided an interesting picture. As an instructor, I think this assignment is important because it allows the student's to think more about sociological concepts and apply their knowledge of social issues and problems in our society. I have a total of 27 students in my class and 90% of them got an A and the other 10% got a B on this assignment." We will continue with this assessment.

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