Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System


Improve Research and Citation Skills Through Librarian Consultation

The first project in my EDU classes each semester is a student investigation into a hot topic in the education field. Students must submit a Ppt and then present on the topic, using the Ppt as their audio-visual aide. Their grade is a combination of assessing their presentation and their hard-copy Ppts. To grade their hard copies, I use a Ppt Rubric (see attachmed). Historically the lowest score on the rubric has been "References" where they must accurately cite at least two credible references. The average score on this has been 2.0 out of 5 points.

What value do events on campus have? One Billion Rising

A survey was completed (N=147) for the One Billion Rising Event. This is a sample of the percentages for responses of Agree and Strongly Agree.  Please see attachment. (1). One purpose of this event was to raise awareness of the global issue of violence against women. My understanding of the global issue of violence against women is greater after attending this event. 88% (2). Another purpose of this event was to encourage a better understanding of how individual action can bring about change in the larger culture and in personal lives.

The "Learning" in Service Learning

Honors students in my Communication courses are required to propose and complete a Service Learning project. Documentation of Cognitive & Affective learning achievement and Critical Thinking skills are to be formally evidenced in a presentation. To promote deeper learning and thinking throughout the semester as the students engage in their projects, I expounded the Project Proposal to include their expected learning outcomes and thinking processes.  Throughout the semester students referred to their proposal as they logged their service activities, engaged in p

Social Change with Regards to Gender? Finals Week Public Service Announcement Activity

During finals week class time, SOC 212 (Gender and Society) students create a public service announcement. The instructions given are "Based on the information you learned on gender and society, what would you focus on to promote social change? You are going to create a two minute Public Service Announcement to share with the class." The goal of this assessment is to see which topic is chosen as most important to create a public service announcement. Students were required to choose one topic; some chose more than one to discuss.

"Flipping" out in Nursing!

Nursing is challenged by requiring an extremely intense curriculum to be delivered to students in a very short amount of time. A solution the nursing department adopted in Fall 2012 to alleviate this problem is "Flipping" the classroom! "Flipping" is a new innovative teaching style that parallels with EMCC Learning College Guiding Principles. The students are given lectures and power point slides in the form of a video to be viewed before class and in-class time is devoted to exercises, case studies and discussions.

Democratic Decision Making in the Classroom

In order to get students more personally involved in the learning process, students are given the responsibility of choosing four debate topics that are then used to formulate the questions used in the formal debates in the course.

Through a combination of guided discussion and voting students decide as a group what they will research and debate.

CATS about CATS (Innovation of the Year Presentation)

The Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System ("CATS", found at is a technology-based, fully-integrated system for sharing innovative teaching and assessment practices.  This open access system has revolutionized the way that EMCC employees share strategies to improve student learning. In short, CATS  is where Facebook® intersects with learning.  The system has been recognized as EMCC's "Innovation of the Year" by EMCC's Innovation of the Year committee.

Service Learning Reflections & Social, Civic, Global Responsibility (SCGR)

Student reflection is an integral aspect of effective Service Learning practices and should demonstrate both Academic and Affective learning. In the past I used student-self-directed reflection, with minimal guidance or structure. In order to better assess SCGR proficiency, I (1) provided the students the rubrics for this ability, (2) reviewed them carefully, and (3) required adherence to the criteria in the presentation of Informative Speeches, adding the SCGR criteria to the evaluation instrument as part of the content grade.

Technique Presentations in PED 101KB

In PED101KB (Cardio Kickboxing), students take the course for enjoyment.  For students who choose the grade option as opposed to the PZ option, a technique presentation is required at the end of the semester.  Various kicking, punching and blocking techniques as well as various combinations are incorporated in the class curriculum.
The attached file is a list of techniques that students present at the end of the semester.