Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System

Instructional Computing

Practice Makes Not Quite Perfect But Heading Towards Improvement

EMCC has determined that communication is important and thus, included this skill on the EMCC General Education Abilities Matrix.  CIS105 has a module in which PowerPoint is taught, primarily focusing on the technological side of creating a presentation and how to incoporate the different technological aspects of the program.  Time was spent discussing not only the technology of presentations, but the delivery side as well incorporating the EMCC matric indicators.  Based upon the results of the mid-term presentation data, instruction/feedback will continue on the importance of verbal commun

Creating Campus Clients to "Make It Real"

Applying course content to real world experience so students understand why they are learning an applicable skill. Although using desktop publishing programs such as Adobe InDesign is a critical skill expected in many graphic design occupations, few students understand what desktop publishing is or how important it is. I wanted my EMCC students to experience the "scratch and sniff" effects of producing and publishing print products. So, when I first taught Adobe InDesign in Fall 2016, I arranged for my students to create print products for the Career and Transfer Center.

Sharing a note-taking document with the instructor can provide students multiple opportunities to measure their own learning progress.

Taking organized notes while learning both drafting and a software program, AutoCAD, helps with retention.  Notes will also be an integral part of the way we will communicate.  Students will use Google Docs. They will add notes of important drafting and drawing tips to remember later.  Usually as learning takes place, questions arise.  They can ask questions with a note or add a reminder to ask something later.  During Grade Checks this semester, students will share their notes with the instructor.

It's All About Scaffolding - But, You Knew That!

To get the best image quality from a digital camera, you need to shoot in camera raw (.dng).  Raw files contain more detail compared to a jpg file.  I'd shown before and after images to my Photoshop class, and demonstrated how to use Camera Raw but students tended to accept the image basically as it stood.  

Narrated camtasia videos as instructional materials in online CIS121AI

Narrated instructional and demonstration videos were develped for online class CIS121AI - Macintosh Operating System. This CATS will make observations regarding the effectiveness of this apporach during the pilot semester of the online course and determine what improvements, if any, are necessary.

Effectiveness of MST157DB

In this CATS, I will attempt to assess the effectiveness of the newly created online class, MST157DB. This process will measure the students’ progress by administering a 10 question quiz in the first week of class on various key topics covered over the length of the semester. In the final week, I will once again administer the same quiz. The quizzes will be compared to ascertain if learning has indeed occurred.

Final Project options

CIS263AA is an advanced Java programming class. It includes a review of concepts from the prerequisite course, covers many topics in much more depth, and introduces advanced topics. In lieu of a final exam, I wanted students to apply the program development process and create a substantial application. Since this is also the final course in the sequence, I wanted to squeeze in as much content as possible, especially in areas that apply to a student's major or interests--security, networking, simulation/modeling, business, etc.