Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System

December 2016

Effective Helping in a Diverse World

SWU 292 will be offered as a pilot course in Spring 2017.  Students in SWU 292 will explore the skill sets needed to deliver services to diverse populations.  The course will offer a pre and post test that assesses their cultural competence via a self-report survey.  The survey along with the final video reflection will be evaluated to measured knowledge gained and areas in which the course can expand in learning opportunities.

MAT151 Online Orientation

In Spring 2017, I will be implementing an updated orientation process for students to learn the MathAS system (the LMS we use in Math) and get oriented in the course including:  navigating in MathAS, syllabus, netiquette, time management, and learning styles.  This is all done in MathAS rather than Canvas.  I will track the number of students that are withdrawn from the course for not completing the orientation and compare that to previous semesters in other online courses.  I will also track the success of the students in the course (end course grade) compared to completion date and time o

Authentic Assessment in Health Care Spanish

For the on-line (SPA 117) course, students are required to submit a video recording of a role-playing situation for each of the course modules.  In the video recording students use the target language in order to complete meaningful tasks they will counter in the real world as health care professionals.  These task based role playing activities will assess verbal and nonverbal communication skills, mostly the students’ grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and speaking capacities learned in each module.

Use of virtual flash cards to study a foreign language (Quizlet)

Quizlet is a free online tool for students, teachers, and learners of all ages that can be used in a classroom or on your own. It helps create virtual flash cards to study vocabulary and phrases of a language of choice. GER101 and 102 incorporated several sets of flash cards through Quizlet to help students learn new vocabulary. Each set offers several different sudy mode types: from spelling, matching, learning and testing to interactive games.

PHY131 LC vs Traditional 131

For only the second time EMCC offered PHY131/MAT231 LC this fall. While N was small (12 and 15) some interesting results were found. On CSEM post test both classes scored above national average of 47% and no real difference in classes. The LC improved dramatically from first exam to last (pre-final) where the other remained flat. It is encouraging that the LC even though the students started at least 1 MAT class behind performed as well and improved up to traditional class scores as semester progressed.

Using a Single-Point Rubric Online

In fall 2017, I piloted the use of single-point rubrics for certain assignements in my online ENH 245 class. Typically, a single-point rubric provides the criteria for proficiency,  and then allows for feedback for how a student exceeded or failed to achieve proficiency in given areas, the goal being that the "undefined advanced column" places no limits on how students might stretch themselves" (Gonzalez, 2014).

Best Practices for Online course with Required Service Learning

What and how do you approach an online course with a required Service Learning component? SWU 291 online, with a 40 hour Service Learning requirement will pilot in Spring 2017. Some of the approaches to ensure fluid communication and support to students include a weekly small group peer support discussion forum, weekly check ins with the instructor, and a journal assignment related to the Service Learning. In addition, a complete timeline and procedure page and Service Learning Module will help guide the students through this process.

Comparing Academic Outcomes in Online vs. Face-to-Face Environments

ACC111, Accounting Principles I was new to the online format in the Spring of 2017.  This assessment measured student academic performance of those in the online course versus their counterparts in the face-to-face course of the following semester (I did not teach a F2F, 16-week session of this course in S2017).  Scores of the final course grades were compared to notate any difference in academic achievement/mastery.  


ONLINE, 16-Week, SP2017 - the class average of the final score was 82.68%