Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System

Common Assignment/Final

Using a How To Screencast to find Peer Reviewed Articles

My BIO 160 students often have difficulty identifying and locating peer reviewed resources for a disease research paper. I have worked with the EMCC librarians to show students databases, citation tools, and a discussion of peer revied versus popular articles. At this time the students used the library website and found two potential resources. To improve this process, Jennifer Wong has created a screencast that shows how to use the library website to locate resources.

Student Understanding in PHY131 coming from LC vs Traditional

This fall I compared (Like Becky Baranowski had done for Calc 2) students coming from the PHY 121 traditional class versus those in PHY121/MAT221 Learning community on the Conceptual Survey of Electricity and Magnetism. While the numbers are small (n=12 from LC and n=10 from traditional) it was interesting to compare. Both groups had essentially the same pretest score (LC 18.2% and Trad 18.3%) but differed on the post test (LC 67% and trad 52%). Since the numbers are small I will be adding the students from this spring semester to try and get more statistically reliable numbers

Using the Online writing center for better results on essays in Reading

Since Spring 2013, I have required students to submit their drafts to the Online writng center for feedback.  Over the past several semesters, I have seen their average scores go from 43 out of 60 on increase to 52 out of 60 on the short essay and from 62 out of 80 on the long essay to 70 out of 80 on the long essay.  I have made some revisions using submission links to canvas and hope to close the loop at the end of the semester for RDG 095, RDG 091, CRE 101 and RDG 081.

BIO 160 Common Lab Final

This semester I have developed a common lab final for the BIO 160 sections offered here at EMCC. This common final will incorporate laboratory activities performed during the semester and is a cumulative final. The common lab final should serve to support similar curriculum across across all sections offered here at EMCC. 

Results from this final will help me identify lab activies that need refinement as well as commonly misunderstood concepts from the class.

Phase 2 - Following Students in Calc/Physics Learning Community

In summer 2014, the calculus III workbook was updated to incorporate more physics with the calculus curriculum.  In fall 2014, students are using this new workbook.  Of the 31 students in the class, 7 of them took the calculus/physics learning community in fall 2013.  All but 2 of the remaining 24 students have had (or are currently in) PHY121/PHY131. 

Bringing Science into Beginning Algebra

Science faculty are constantly hearing from their students, "This isn't math! I didn't learn this in my math class". Many students are not able to transfer what they learned in math into their science courses.  Most of the concepts in MAT091 are crucial to success in science.  Throughout the semester, I met with 6 science faculty to discuss HOW students see these topics in science classes.

2013 Common Final Exam Results and Improvement Plan

Each semester all ECN instructor at EMCC administer the ECN common final exam, a multiple choice test based on our courses learning outcomes, in addition to a course-specific final.  Instructors collect the frequency distribution of student responses, and results are aggregated to look for discipline-wide strenghts and weaknesses.  We then create Learning Outcomes Improvement Plans (LOIPs) to identify ways to changes in pedagogy/curriculum to address weaker areas.  These LOIPs are then completed once the data is analyzed for the subsequent semester to see if student's results improved.

Improve Exam Results by- Review -Mock Exam - Review

I had being noticing for years that a majority of students in every semester does not score in there exams as expected and hence I planned to keep aside the last 3 days at the end of the last semester as follows.

Dec/02/2013 - Exam Review, Dec/04/2013 - MOCK EXAM*, Dec/06/2013 - Review again with regard to the  Mock Exam Results and compared it with The Final Exam on Dec/11/2013 and Dec/09/2013 respectively.

the following were the results.